Josh lives in Los Angeles with his family where he started a local church with the desire to take part in racial reconciliation & bring all peoples together. After traveling the world and living in Africa he saw firsthand how tribalism and ethnocentrism has a negative impact on world and the church. His convictions only grew as he came back to a deeply segregated city–-Los Angeles. Starting TR-BE is a way of taking a stand for unity, fostering constructive conversations around difficult topics, and bringing about peace in a broken world.

He received his B.A. of Biblical Studies from Eternity Bible College and is currently finishing a M.A. of Ministry from Antioch School. He taught N.T. Studies at Africa Renewal University in 2009 located in Gaba, Uganda. While in L.A. he was a behavioral therapist at California Psych Care working with children diagnosed with Autism for 7yrs, is currently an adjunct professor at Eternity Bible College, and serves as founding pastor of Antioch City Church. He is husband to Sarswatie, father to Aahana, Anaia, & Azariah.